Guide to find out The Ideal Dough Extruder

The dough extruder is a machine that forces dough through a die and into thin strands that can then be handled by hand or used in food products.

Pasta drying with a dough extruder is not difficult and needs little skill or training to master. The Pasta Making with the dough extruder helps one to deliver the variety of pasta shapes easily.

How to find the ideal dough extruder

  • The extrusion is made up of various types of raw materials like plastic, wood, metal, stainless steel, titanium and carbon among others.
  • With the help of various techniques, the texture of the product, its volume and the weight can be changed. Apart from that, the extrusion can also be programmed to add or decrease the level of pressure.
  • The most important benefit that we can derive from using the dough in the extrusion is that we get a good crumb structure with good skin. The texture provides a crispy feel.

The next step after the dough is extruded out is cleaning. It is necessary to clean the extrusion once in a while so that it does not harbor the germs and bacteria. Some common ways used to clean are washing with hot water, gentle dish soap and a brush. To maintain the good appearance of the plastic mass, we can use the spray starch and wipe it off continuously. Another important advantage of using this machine is that it gives us the ability to grind or knead dough.

For making tasty snacks, you need a high quality dough extrusion with high pressure. The main components of the machine include the hopper, the roller and the cutting blade. The hopper holds the pre-cooked ingredients like the salt, sugar, eggs and fruit. The hopper releases the cooked ingredients through the channels on its exterior. This mechanism allows us to prepare our snacks quickly and efficiently.

The roller is responsible for applying the pressure and creating the outward flow. The blades located on either side of the cutting blade apply the outward pressure and grind or knead the ingredients. In order to obtain a high quality result, the speed and the setting should be adjusted properly. The most important point to be considered is the lubrication. A general rule is that the higher the speed, the lower is the lubrication.