A Guide to the Different Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes

The term “Cardboard” conjures up several images that you would find hard to consider. You might imagine a sheet of thick plastic film that’s used for wrapping gift baskets or boxes. Or, you might imagine a hard, clear plastic sheet that’s commonly used for wrapping fresh and dry fruits or vegetables. While both of those images are accurate depictions of what custom cardboard boxes are, they don’t accurately represent the wide range of uses for this flexible product.

As an example, custom cardboard is used in so many other ways than just as product packaging. In fact, many of the products that go into the hot dog stand at your local fast food restaurant are crafted from these versatile sheets. They’re also used to help display certain items such as bottled water or snacks. And, of course, they can be printed with any logo or text you would like on the side.

Perhaps the most common use for designing your own custom printed cardboard boxes is as part of the product packaging process known as embossing. Embossing is the process of putting a symbol, letter, or design into a surface, such as on a box. This technique can be used on individual boxes, as well as sheets that are used for product packaging. In embossing a box, the embosser applies the embossed image to the inside of the box through a chemical that bonds with the surface. The product inside the box is then surrounded by a thin layer of the chemical, which leaves the outside of the box smooth and shiny. This is a very inexpensive way to add visual interest to a product.

Another popular method of embossing is called corrugation. This process involves using an even layer of corrugated cardboard stacked on top of one another. After applying the corrugated layer of foam, the corrugated material is peeled off. The peel left on the corrugated box is the product you will see. Most box art is created with this method because it allows the creator to add different designs, shapes, and images to their custom boxes. Corrugated boxes are commonly used for shipping materials, gift wrapping, and art purposes.

Printing on corrugated boards is a popular choice, particularly with the art and craft industry. This method is commonly used for t-shirt printing, pop art paintings, and greeting cards. With this type of printing, an artist applies a stencil, or temporary design, to a sheet of cardboard. When the item is finished, the artist stamps or paints the design directly onto the box. The printed design is bonded to the box with the use of a special bonding agent.

The use of corrugated boxes has been in existence for many years, and they are a versatile product that can be used for a wide variety of products. For the consumer, they provide protection against damage from moisture, wear and tear, and sunlight. For the business, custom cardboard boxes are often used as product boxes for bulkier items, packaging supplies, and insurance packaging. When purchasing products in bulk, corrugated boxes are an economical solution that offers high quality and durability.