A Guide to In-Store Retail Signage

If you are planning to open a retail outlet in the near future, signage is definitely something you need to carefully consider, as this is an essential ingredient to creating the ideal shopping ambience. Here are a few tips from the pros to help you create the best signage for your new retail outlet.

  • Neon Attracts – Of this there is no doubt and a couple of small neon signs in your shop window will catch the eyes of passers-by. When you look at the number of neon signs in London, you can clearly see that they are very popular, and with the right supplier, they will help you design the ideal message to attract shoppers into your store.

  • Informational Signage – It is worth spending some time thinking about your informational signage, which should be legible from every location within the store, with contrasting colours and very clear fonts. Most of the interior signs would be hung from the ceiling, which allows them to be clearly seen from all angles.

  • Calls to Action – CTAs are essential as they persuade customers to make a purchase, with things like, ‘Final Week of Sale’ or ‘Buy Now While Stocks Last’. Calls to action should be placed very close to the products they are targeting, and the design should be such that they are very noticeable.

If you are unsure about your signage, talk to a signage expert, who has a wealth of experience and can help you design in-store signs that are effective.













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