Top PropTech Options to Keep Tenants Happy

When it comes to resident satisfaction, more property managers are turning to technology than ever before. A wide variety of PropTech solutions have worked their way into multi-unit residential buildings, and the people who live there are finding them to be important parts of their enjoyment, even if they do not know they exist. Managing a large apartment building involves a lot of different factors and digitalizing everything makes sense.

PropTech Helps With Rentals and Marketing

One of the biggest reasons for using new software systems is to get renters into the building and signing a lease. PropTech handles everything from online applications, gathering references, screening and credit checks, rent payments, and lease processing. Modern tech systems even help with building maintenance and resident service scheduling. All of these things help the property owner or management company, but PropTech also contributes to resident satisfaction in a big way.

Tech Solutions that Keep Tenants Happy

Besides helping them find a great building to move into and facilitating the application and lease signing process, PropTech provides or augments amenities that keep them happy. Some tech options include service matching wizards that help them find dog walkers, local events, ridesharing opportunities, and similar life improvement services.

One of the biggest improvements for tenants is the adoption of mailroom management software. These digitalized systems handle on-site parcel receipt, logging, and final delivery into their hands directly. It provides more transparency and quicker notifications for residents so they can collect their boxes at their convenience. Best of all, it speeds up the entire process considerably. Speed and convenience are two of the most appreciated factors in all tenant interactions with the property they call home.

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