Top 6 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Not Showing Up

Google reviews are integral when marketing or looking for business credibility. Reviews are vital to generating local leads and improving conversion rates when operating in a local market. They are also crucial for building your online reputation. Sometimes you may have a problem with the reviews not appearing on your profile. When these reviews don’t show up, it is frustrating and can hurt your business. In that case, it could be a good thing to seek help with google my business reviews to ensure they appear on our GMB profile. Here are reasons why the reviews may not be showing up.

  1. Embedded Links

Google strictly prohibits including links in reviews. A review that contains a URL is automatically removed because Google considers them spam. Therefore, if a customer leaves a review that includes a link, it is best to ask them to remove the URL before the review is unlisted by Google.

  1. Your Review is a Duplicate

If the review is also not authentic, it violates the guidelines set by Google. In a worst-case scenario, a duplicate review can result in removing your google my business listing. Therefore, avoid faking reviews and ask your customers to leave genuine reviews. Originality will improve your ranking and visibility on Google. The feedback also gives you an idea of what you need to improve on your business.

  1. Change of Location

If you keep your name but change location, Google will automatically adjust the reviews to your new location. However, if you run a specific business like an attraction site or hotel, Google may not be able to transfer these reviews. Therefore, you will need to update your business location, which means re-verifying your GMB listing.

  1. The Review is Marked as Spam

Google puts quality as a priority when evaluating reviews. Some reviews are considered spam because they fail to reach the quality mark. Reviews must meet the policy set about restricted and prohibited content. Therefore, if your review is not showing up, it could be because you violated the guidelines.

  1. Your GMB Profile is Not Active

Sometimes you may neglect your GMB profile and forget to engage the customers to leave reviews. In this case, you will need several verifications before your reviews can be listed on your profile. Google may have also disabled your profile if you do not meet eligibility over the period you have been inactive. Therefore, the reviews left by your customers will not be visible.

  1. Google Has Temporarily Disabled Your Reviews

Google may also disable the reviews temporarily. This happens because of the limited number of workers on the team responsible for sorting reviews. Therefore, your review may be temporarily put on hold until someone is available to review and list it. At the same time, customers cannot leave new reviews.

Closing Thoughts!

These are some of the main reasons why your google my business reviews may not appear. Ensure you obey Google review policies and keep your GMB profile active. Ask customers to remove links in the reviews and don’t buy fake reviews. Google will always know.