These 3 tips will help you prepare well for a headshot session

If you are trying to find headshots near me and you live in the Denver area, then you are a lucky one because there are so many professional headshot photographers in this place. However, after you have found a good headshot photographer, you will need to prepare for the session and this is something that many people find to be overwhelming. In this article, I will be looking at some tips that you can use to prepare for the session.

Share information with your photographer before the shoot

A headshot session is usually short and, but the results usually matter a lot. As such, it is important for clients to share as much information with their photographers as possible to ensure that they are on the same page. You need to tell your photographer what you need to achieve from the session. Headshots usually have a certain overall feel and look that doesn’t happen by coincidence, but must be planned adequately. In fact, as a client, you need to have a pre-shoot session with your photographer where you discuss your expectations and anything else that the photographer needs to keep in mind during the shoot.

Dress comfortably, get some rest, and hydrate

Headshots tend to produce dark circles in the final picture if the subject was not adequately hydrated during the shoot. As such, before you go for the shoot, it is important to get enough rest and drink plenty of water so that your face becomes fuller. You also need to dress in clothes that are not too tight as to make you uncomfortable during the shoot. Whatever you dress in, you need to remember that the subject of the shoot is your face and not what you are wearing on the rest of your body.

Err on the side of simple hair and makeup

When it comes to headshots, the way your hair is made needs to be timeless and classic. You need to style your hair in a manner that reflects the function you intend to use the photos for. You should style and apply makeup right before you leave your house and if possible, right before the photo shoot session. The hair should look natural and clean, absent tussle of any kind.


Headshots usually have something we call shine where certain parts of the face such as cheeks, lips, and forehead appear shinier than other parts of the face. This can be eliminated by applying a layer of translucent powder to the neck and face.