Recharge Now and Enjoy Jio Phone with Free Data and Calls

Reliance Jio now presents the widest variety of Jio recharge plans for its different users across the country. The company launched about three exclusive recharge plans for its valuable customers in 2021. The three popular plans launched by the company for its Jio phone users in recent months are plans worth Rs. 1999, Rs. 1499 and Rs. 749. Of all the other plans, the Rs. 1999 plan is the one that promises about two years of unlimited data and calls against a one-time recharge. There’s more to this good news. Once you do Jio recharge with this plan, you can also enjoy the phone for a lifetime without having to pay for it.

The Rs. 1999 Recharge Plan and How it Works?

The Jio recharge online plan of Rs 1999 is only available for Jio phone users in India. The validity of this plan lasts for about two years. The plan features a whopping 48 GB of high-speed data and unlimited voice calls for the users. What more? You can also enjoy the subscription of all the Jio exclusive apps through this plan. The best part about this plan, besides its benefits, is that you get to enjoy the Jio phone free of cost against a mere recharge of Rs. 1999. Once you exhaust the 48 GB data, the company still lets you browse content online at a minimized speed.

 So, if you still don’t have a phone, this is incredible news for you. Just pay Rs. 1999 and bring home a fantastic Jio phone loaded with free data and free calls for two years.

Plans Available for JioPhone Users and Their Price

Reliance Jio brings out about four JioPhone prepaid plans. The first plan of Rs 185 comes with 2 GB daily data, which implies that you enjoy 56 GB of data a month. This Rs. 185 prepaid plans also come with the benefit of 100 SMSs per day and unlimited calls. The next prepaid plan of Rs. 155 offers a daily data of 1 GB. As for the JioPhone prepaid plan of Rs. 125, you get 0.5 GB of data every day. And last but not least, the recharge plan of Rs 75 gives you 3 GB of total data. All the recharge plans have 28 days of validity.

The Rs. 1499 AND Rs. 749 Recharge Plans

Apart from the Rs. 1999 plan, you can also opt for a Jio recharge of Rs. 1499 plan, which includes 24 GB high-speed data. You can enjoy unlimited voice calls for about a year against a one-time recharge of Rs. 1499. Besides, you can also make the most of the Jio apps through this plan for 365 days. For those thinking about the phone, this plan too lets you keep the Jio phone free. As for the Rs. 749 recharge plans as well, you get to enjoy high-speed internet of about 24 GB for a year.

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