Property Management in Perth | Things You Need to Know

Most property owners are still unaware of the services a real estate agent must provide, even though 80% of them use a property manager. Whether you’re a novice and just bought your first investment property or an experienced investor with a number of properties on your list, there’s probably still more you can learn to help maximise your earnings.

This guide has something for you no matter what level of investment property trip you are on. Continue reading to find out how to maximise your profits and learn everything there is to know about property management in Perth.

What Exactly Is a Property Manager?

You must first comprehend what a property manager is in order to decide whether hiring one is the best course of action for you. Depending on the particular manager and how much you are willing to pay, responsibilities will change. 

Did you know that a property manager may assist you in filing your taxes, as well as be in charge of evicting tenants? Because a property manager can also handle maintenance requests, you might never have to worry about fixing a broken faucet again. Find out all the services a property manager may offer.

Is Hiring a Property Manager Right for You?

You must now decide whether you require the services of a property manager now that you are aware of what one is. Not every landlord should choose to work with a third-party manager. There are some factors you should think about while making your choice. Before choosing a property manager, take into account these nine factors.

How Much Does a Property Manager Charge?

Companies that manage properties charge landlords for the ease and service they offer. Everything a property manager does contributes to a rental property’s success and the satisfaction of its renters. Although their services are frequently expensive, giving tenants excellent service frequently allows a landlord to demand higher rent rates.

This could reduce the expense of hiring Perth property management. You must be aware of the costs involved with property management in Perth before you can determine whether employing one is the best course of action for your company.

Lease Charges

These are used to pay for the expenses related to marketing, exhibiting homes, evaluating applications, processing paperwork, screening, and getting a unit ready for occupants to move in. Rent for the first month plus 75% to 100% of leasing expenses.

Monthly Fees for Management

These are employed to pay for expenses related to regularly occurring monthly services such as gathering and processing rent checks, maintenance, and inspections. Monthly maintenance costs typically range from 7% to 10% of the rent for a unit.

Landlords are free to choose which services they would like to receive from Perth property management firms. Other people will simply need lease assistance, while others will need monthly management assistance, and some people will need both.

The Best Property Manager: How to Find One

Sadly, not every property manager is skilled in their field. Some people are undereducated, while others lack motivation. Even competent property managers might only excel at managing a particular kind of property. 

For instance, a property manager with excellent recommendations for managing apartment buildings might not be the greatest choice for managing your single-family home because that manager might not see your home as a top priority. You must conduct your research as a result. 

Let’s look at the things you need to remember.


One of the most crucial things to take into account when choosing property management in Perth is reputation. For example, having a property manager that frequently produces substandard outcomes may make renting out your house very challenging.

Spend some time reading their web reviews to obtain insight into this quality. Property managers with many reviews overall and a good rating should be given preference.


Diverse types of property require different management strategies because they are not all created equal. These elements are primarily relevant when dealing with commercial real estate. There is no assurance that your potential property manager will be able to manage your residential homes successfully if their primary area of expertise is office buildings.

This is merely because tenants for commercial properties seek a variety of different elements as opposed to those who are looking for a home, which is the reason for the disparity.

Billing Method

The property managers you choose should be as open and honest as they can be about how they charge their clients. This implies that they must make clear what they charge for at the start of your business partnership with them.

Leasing, maintenance, and other such obligations are typical costs. This will not only help you get a better understanding of the overall cost, but it may also help you avoid working with a dishonest firm.