How to Build your Own Patio

If you would like a stylish and elegant terrace in your back garden and have some basic DIY skills, this certainly isn’t a project that is out of your reach. All you need is a free weekend, the right tools and equipment, and a little knowledge.  

Tools and Equipment

You will need the following in order to build your patio from scratch: 

  1. A Doorway Digger – You can rent this handy machine from Sussex Plant Limited, and this will enable you to dig out the foundation in only a couple of hours. Once you have dug down to the correct depth, use timber planks to create the form, add some hardcore and the area is ready for the concrete mix.
  2. A Few Hand Tools – A spade, a shovel, a handsaw and a wheelbarrow are all you need to go ahead with the build, along with a spirit level to ensure that the base in level.
  1. Ready Mixed Concrete – You will have to calculate how many cubic yards of concrete you will need, and your local ready mix concrete supplier will deliver the mix, which can be poured directly into the prepared area.
  1. Pavers – Once the base has been laid, you can lay the pavers that you have chosen, which is the final stage of the project. Edging stones will finish the look, then you can think about fauna and greenery.

Excavating the area requires a mini-digger, which can be hired from your local plant hire company, and the rest of the equipment should be very easy to obtain.