Double Iron Consulting Offers Leadership Solutions

Every day, business executives are interviewed or write advice and give tips for business success. Since entrepreneurs usually watch these interviews, it’s baffling why many businesses still need to improve. 

After watching seemingly successful business executives offering tips, entrepreneurs would avoid common pitfalls, reorganize their business, and put it on a path to success. 

One explanation for this anomaly is that some tips offered online, on TV, and in magazines are provided by people who may need to practice more of what they preach.

Imagine a business consultant with an MBA straight out of school with no experience running a business advising entrepreneurs. The tips they offer are academic or guesswork at best. 

Entrepreneurs should look for tips from leadership development experts, such as William Smith of Double Iron Consulting.

Why Leadership is Important

Every business owner knows where they want their company to be in the next 5 or 10 years. However, getting there will be a considerable challenge. 

With exemplary leadership, however, a business can grow steadily and achieve its short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. 

Double Iron Consulting is a business consultancy firm that focuses on helping the top management of family businesses to develop the leadership skills they need to steer their companies to greater heights. 

The History of Double Iron Consulting

The consulting firm was established in 2021 by William Smith, also known as Bill Smith. Bill is an experienced business executive who served as the president and CEO of Royal Cup Coffee company for seven years before passing the baton to non-family leadership. 

Before he became the CEO, a position previously held by his uncle and father, Bill Smith had been working for the family business since his teenage years. 

In high school, he worked at the company part-time.  Bill joined the company full-time after college and served in various frontline to mid-level positions in the company.

He earned his MBA in the year 2000.  Bill returned to Royal Cup Coffee and joined the company’s operations division, where he implemented projects and programs that improved the capabilities and capacities in various areas across the company. 

In 2014, the board appointed him the company’s president and CEO. Among his critical successes is the implementation of major infrastructure projects. 

He also streamlined operations at the company and positioned it for growth and success. Royal Cup Coffee is one of the country’s leading distributors and roasters of coffee today.  Bill Smith has moved on to other ventures, leaving Royal Cup Coffee in the hands of non-family leadership. 

The Birth of Double Iron Consulting

William Smith was at the helm of Royal Cup Coffee company for seven years. He left the company in 2021, having worked with the board to hire a non-family CEO to take over from him. 

It was then that William Smith founded Double Iron Consultancy, a firm that focuses on helping family businesses overcome daily challenges. 

Leadership Development Solutions

A picture of two businesspeople working on their business plans on a whiteboard together


The importance of corporate leadership cannot be overstated. That is why experienced business executives, such as William Smith, usually emphasize leadership development. While a company may operate profitably, this does not mean it’s efficient. 

The key to success in any business lies in maximizing the strengths of the business and working on addressing its shortcomings. 

Through leadership development, Double Iron Consulting works with individuals, teams, and businesses to identify critical gaps in execution. 

The consultancy firm helps teams and individuals to become interdependent instead of independent. The latter is known for its inefficiencies. 

Through proactive training and coaching, the strengths of an individual or team can be strengthened. If there are any talent gaps, they can easily be overcome. The result is that the business will continue to grow and achieve success much faster. 

The leadership services of Double Iron Consulting focus on competencies, skills, behaviors, and capacities at all levels of the organization. 

Bill Smith’s consulting firm works with family businesses from all sectors of the economy. This includes; construction, financial services, real estate, consumer products, logistics, and food and beverage, among others. 

In order to get the right leadership development program, business owners must specify their industry. 

Double Iron Consulting Leadership Principles

The Double Iron Consulting leadership principles adhere to the following leadership frameworks; 

  • Growing through the four levels of competence
  • Communicating with conviction and clarity
  • Foundation for financial acumen
  • Leading shoulder to shoulder, from the back or the front
  • Servant leadership 

What Makes Double Iron Consulting Special?

The company was founded by William Smith, an accomplished business executive with many years of experience running a family business. 

He understands the fears, desires, and challenges that family-owned and operated businesses typically face daily. 

Bill Smith has previously excelled in running a thriving family business, Royal Cup Coffee. He has also helped many family businesses with various challenges, including succession planning and streamlining operations. 

This puts Bill and Double Iron Consulting in a unique position to help family businesses with leadership development, succession planning, and many other things. With the expertise of Bill and his team, the company they’re helping is in a better position to grow and find success. 

Many family businesses often are reluctant to work with outsiders on some issues. That’s why they prefer to handle things in-house and continue relying on blood relatives to steer those enterprises to success. 

Fortunately, William Smith is not an outsider. He has worked in a family business for the better of his adult life. He understands the significant challenges that family-owned businesses go through and that places Bill in a better position to help family-owned businesses. 

In addition to leadership development, succession planning, and streamlining of operations, Double Iron Consulting can also serve on the advisory boards of family businesses to ensure company boards have all the information they need to make critical decisions.