An Interactive Game For An Exciting Evening!

Feeling bored since the lockdown? Lost touch with your friends? Well, don’t worry we all have been there. And from one friend to another, here is a perfect way to reconnect with them over that evening plan of yours! virtual escape room Singapore brings you the most exciting and interactive games that you can play with your family and friends. This place presents you with the most amazing and detailed developed virtual escape room games for people in Asia and Singapore!

Turning in to Virtual Fun!

This place presents are the versatility of themes and have over 20 rooms for you to play in. You will be welcomed by various interactive clues to explore and solve the mystery of the room. This place has made the escape room into a perfect simulation game that can be played virtually and has designed various engaging puzzles, puzzle-based or interactive locks, one of the examples would be a padlock-unlocking mechanism, and so many mysteries to uncover.

Interesting professionals

The whole process will guarantee you and your team that it would be one of the most amazing escape room experiences of your life as the developers have made sure that it is an authentic real-life experience of an escape room.

No more boring zoom meetings where people have to get anxious over what topics to talk about since the whole world is at a halt. You can enjoy as you used to do on your weekends, only this time with the best virtual reality game. This service, Virtual Escape Room Singapore, is completely online and is open to all users 24*7. You can enter any room with your friends, small group or large, they will be accommodated in rooms that will be guided by skilled professional guides that will allow you to understand all the rules of the game.