4 Things HR Managers can Do to Improve Employee Retention

Managing employees is quite complex compared to hiring them. Having employees is very beneficial for your organisation, and this is why you need to keep them. The moment you start losing employees, it leaves a bad record on your company, and your company may get losses. As a manager, you need to hire skilled employees and retain them for as long as possible. We will talk about employee retention strategy so that you can keep your workers.

Means to stimulate employee retentiveness to include;

Making sure your workers stay in your corporation for an extended period doesn’t have one unique way; you require various techniques to retain your workers. When you keep the strategies we are going to discuss below will make you an employee retention company. Some of the methods include;

  • Employ the correct persons

It was noted that most people who always leave the company are not very skilled. The moment you employ such workers, you waste a lot of your money when it comes to training them, then they leave after 6months or one year. This is why HR administrators need to make sure they look at the services the employees have to offer before they employ them and train them.

  • Optimise the onboarding knowledge

The moment you feel like you have employed the perfect person for the position you were offering, it is time to acquaint them. Make sure your onboarding technique is calculated.

What the onboarding procedure should target

  • Bolster an optimistic first opinion.
  • Set realistic intentions for their business and prospect at the firm.
  • Convey what you need for the first week.
  • Give organised chances for new workers to respond to their unique business, firm procedure and civilisation.
  • Establish a culture of acclaim and response

Workers want to feel treasured for the work they are doing, and establishing a culture of acclaim and response can help your workers feel the gratitude they desire.

Ways you can create gratitude include;

  • Exercise continual listening – carry out surveys on your employees so that you can get their feedback.
  • Carry out one-on-ones with your workers – you can call workers to your office and review their achievements; this will make your workers know what they need to improve.
  • Develop a worker tribute scheme- things like giving your workers gifts is a fantastic way to motivate them.
  • Act on insights from the exit survey

Things like employee turnover cannot be controlled. Moreover, whether you have a high or a low turnover, you can gather a lot of knowledge from workers on their way out of the door. Try to use an exit survey on employees who want to leave the organization so that you can know why they want to go. When you do this, you will be able to gather a lot of information that you didn’t consider. You can try to conduct stay interviews to see if the employee will change their mind.


Stay interview can be another way to retain your employees amongst the ones above, and you will be able to keep your workers more.